domingo, 1 de marzo de 2009

I am in mouth of so many idiots and of different many. I know that it is hard, he accepts the future and already it is, nobody knows me but you speak very much and spend time in me. And it entertains me to see how the place is, which they have just begun go of knowing everything when they do not know anything. To seeing, that has not raised me, I repeat have many clowns but they all worked out unsuccessful. I say what I think and because of it I am special. And it is that you cannot deal how it is that still I continue, if many they adore me and some others get with me. Some me have anger and other jealousies I have learned very much in these years, more than you believe create the respect already does not exist in the culture, so forget, commit suicide, why? You are not going to be able with me. To try to be the best means to go of raised. Excuse me for speaking so much of me, but it is that im tired. There becomes I rare all are always in mouth of almost.

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